Resolving the ‘Cannot reach licensing server’ error



On the Subscriptions page, you have the option to either ENTER SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION or click on the link to enter license offline. If you attempt to submit your email and order ID, you will get the following error message:

Error: Cannot reach licensing server. Please contact customer service for assistance.


This is a known issue, and this article is describing a workaround.



We currently only allow the use of the offline method of licensing. Please disregard the message and request an offline license as instructed in the How to Apply FogBugz On-Premises License article (starting from Step 3).



After the support team will issue FogBugz offline license, enter license and signature values into the respective fields in the FogBugz UI.

You will be redirected to the licensing page, which shows your subscription validity.


The Confirmation screen will display only for a few seconds before being redirected to the login screen.