Moving FogBugz For Your Server (FYS) license to a new server



While Moving FogBugz For Your Server (FBFYS) to Another Server you will need to install a license to the new server.

The problem is FYS is a legacy version of FogBugz and on 31 December 2020 FogBugz FYS the support has reached End of Life (EoL). The renewal links from FogBugz FYS are not working anymore.



Customer support still can generate the license for your new server.

Please contact customer support and provide the following:

  • Computer Name (of the new server)
  • Machine ID/SID (of the new server)
  • Order number

With the above information, we can then generate a license and signature that you will use to activate FogBugz on the new server.


To get your Computer Name and Machine ID:

1. Your first login to FogBugz on your new machine will bring you to the Subscriptions page

2. Click on enter license offline


3. You be directed to a page with your Computer Name and Machine ID already filled in


4. Send this information to Support along with your order number

5. Support will send you a License and Signature that you can enter using the same steps.