8.22.36 On-Premises (Rebranded to FogBugz) Release Notes


Release Overview

The FogBugz On-Premises 8.22.36 release rebrands the FogBugz user interface and fixes the issues related to the installation of Windows Server 2016, and offline license validation.


Rebranding Changes

  • The interface has a new logo for FogBugz.
  • The support email address has been updated to support@fogbugz.com.
  • ‘FogBugz’ has replaced the words ‘Manuscript’ and ‘FogCreek'. 


Customer Defects Fixed

  • Plugins are not working on Wiki Pages.
  • The total estimated time remaining always shows zero hours.
  • In the Iteration Planner, cases with story points show 'needs estimate' in the Filter column.
  • FogBugz Orchestrade has broken cases with 500 Error.
  • Users cannot switch between 'Hours' and 'Story Points' if many projects are added to the Planner.
  • The Heartbeat process fails when mailboxes have many token associations.
  • The tags are constantly truncating.
  • Manuscript is giving JavaScript errors on IE/Chrome.
  • Custom fields do not show up in the anonymous user case view for public cases.
  • Milestone reset bug.
  • Creating new users is saving data with empty email and full name fields during the exceptions.


Defects Fixed

  • Users cannot edit wiki templates. 
  • The expiration warning should only be visible to admins.
  • Login boxes are missing in the Manuscript On-Premises test installation.
  • After installing the license, the users are not redirected to the login page.