8.22.27 On-Demand Release Notes (Rebranding)


Release Overview

FogBugz On-Premises 8.22.27 release notes, dated March 23, 2019, fixes the following two customer defects, six general defects, and three enhancements issued since the FogBugz On-Demand version 8.21.933.

The focus of this release was to perform the Rebranding of the FogBugz User Interface. Officially, Manuscript has now been renamed to FogBugz.



  • MANUSCRIPT-14040: Replacement of the old logo with the current and official logo of FogBugz.
  • MANUSCRIPT-14041: The email addresses that pointed to the legacy team is now updated to support@fogbugz.com.
  • MANUSCRIPT-15909: Rebranding – Emails are now being sent with FogBugz's name.


Customer Defects Fixed

  • MANUSCRIPT-11878: Fixed the links on FogBugz On-Boarding cases.
  • MANUSCRIPT-14274: Fixed the links to the legacy email addresses from the On-Boarding cases.
  • MANUSCRIPT-14279: Error pages are no longer referencing the legacy links.
  • MANUSCRIPT-14327: Fixed the Contact Customer Support links (updated).
  • MANUSCRIPT-14874: Creating new users no longer saves the data with empty Email and Full name during the exceptions.
  • MANUSCRIPT-9022: Fixed the broken links in the trial test cases.

Defects Fixed

  • MANUSCRIPT-13809: Fixed the issue that was preventing edits to a wiki template.
  • MANUSCRIPT-15656: Updated the payment details and other mentions of the legacy brand.

Other Updated Components

  • Queue Service was updated with a new artifact version.
  • Heartbeat Pinger Service was updated with a new artifact version.