8.22.54 On Demand Release notes


The focus of this release was to fix product defects 

  • Error when: Requesting Review for Changesets from different Repositories referencing the same case
  • Case view button blocked on Safari
  • API field update - Simultaneous API calls possible "bug"
  • Site Maintenance date resets in the future instead of daily.
  • Bug on the assignee for a case when re-assigned
  • Export to CSV doesnt show "Release Notes".
  • Iteration Planner end date picker doesn't make sure you select an end date after your start date
  • Able to send an email with missing sFrom field details
  • Success message shown in response when To field is left blank in the API request code for replying.
  • Able to send an email with missing sTo field details
  • Use authentication token in KilnPlugin to associate cases