What is a Case?


What is a Case?

Cases are the basic work unit in FogBugz, similar to tickets in Zendesk or issues in JIRA.

Case comments are the basic units of the case, added each time a change is done on the case. If no comment is added explicitly, the changes done on the case are added in the form of a comment.


What can be done with a Case?



Why is this useful?

Because every update is tracked for a case, the work done by FogBugz users can be easily tracked, summarized, and used for reporting actual work done and forecasting remaining work at the user or the project level. This is what Evidence-Based Scheduling (EBS - a key feature of FogBugz) is about.


What is different than expected?

Github commits are presented as they would be case comments, but they are stored internally differently, so when fetching case comments with the FogBugz API, GitHub commits are not retrieved.


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