Adjusting FogBugz Subscription Cost



This article describes the process of adjusting subscription costs. This might be necessary if you are being charged differently than the quote you have signed.


Please contact support with the details regarding your request. Attach the signed quote to the request if possible.


If the customer provided a signed quote for the same billing period, follow the steps outlined below in order to determine whether the request is valid:

For On-Premise Accounts: 

  1. Open the invoice from the Control Panel
  2. Confirm that the Invoice amount matches the amount paid ​​by the customer:
  3. If Yes > No Adjustment needed
    If No > ​Escalate the issue to the Customer Success Team as described in the Routing Table to ask for the adjustment. Based on the response from the Customer Success Team, there are changes that need to be done as outlined further in this article.

For On-Demand accounts:

  1. Open the Control Panel using the customer's Order #:
  2. Scroll down to the most recent entry in the Billing Statement field. Confirm that the amount paid is the same as the fee being charged for the given period of time (Billing period for cheque or wire transfer = annual, for Credit Card = monthly).
  3. If Yes > No Adjustment needed
    If No > ​​Escalate to account management as described in the SRT asking them to confirm the balance the customers account should reflect.

Once you have received the confirmation from the Account Manager that an adjustment needs to be made, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Control Panel, adjust the pricing for the user.
    Note: Pricing per user can only be adjusted if the customers account is currently set up using Broadstreet pricing. If the customers account is using WallStreet pricing you first have to convert to Broadstreet pricing using the Change Modern Products button (the article How to fix the "You are not Subscribed" error includes instructions on how to use this button, but agents can seek confirmation from the BU VP if they need to verify).
  2. Credit in the account, the differences in billed amount vs. quote amount:
    • Find the customer in Control Panel.
    • Add the credit to the account in the "Amount" field next to the line titled Add Credit (USD)without clicking any of the radio buttons.
    • Click Add.
      Image 1.png

Note: Agents should read the ticket documented below as it will help them clarify the process they need to undertake. 

Reference ticket: #3560906


To modify other fields, please see below for further instructions. This should only be done to align exactly with the contents of a signed contract provided by a customer. Otherwise, all changes should go to the BU VP or Product VP. 

  • Subscription Fee: only Set Discount, agents should not use the Create Modern Quote button.
  • User Count: Kiln and FogBugz can be done separately for some accounts and the total # of users when adding both counts together is the User Count field.