New Kiln Repository Clone Attempts via TortoiseHg Result in 404 Not Found Errors



You are unable to clone a new repository created via the web interface for Kiln. The repository shows up in the web interface, but TortoiseHg clone attempts result in "404 Not Found" errors.

You have already tried the check and repair process described in Verifying and Repairing Repository. After the completion of the repair process, the /check URL no longer worked, and lead to a "404 Not Found" response.

The Kiln client and tools work with our other existing repositories in Kiln.

You are using TortoiseHg 4.3.1 with Mercurial 4.3.1. 



To have this issue resolved follow the steps below (replace <repositoryname> with the name of your repository):

  1. Rename the newly created empty problem repository to "<repositoryname>Error".
  2. Create a new empty repository with the name <repositoryname>.
  3. You should be able to clone the new empty repository and fill it with your initial commit as normal.
  4. Delete the problem repository named "<repositoryname>Error".


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