Changes to FogBugz Base Subscription Model



We would like to inform our customers of upcoming changes to the FogBugz subscription model.


The FogBugz two-user free subscription plan will be retired onSep 15, 2022.


As of Sep 15, 2022, all existing FogBugz customers on the two-user plan have been automatically upgraded to a five-user paid subscription, with the first month of the upgrade being offered without any extra charge.


As part of our subscription model changes, we are offering our customers an option of renewing their subscription right away, which will provide them with a 50% off on any tier for one year, including the five-user license tier. Follow this link to upgrade your subscription plan.


To continue using FogBugz after 15th of October, customers will need to add a Credit Card to their account.


If you encounter any issues during this process, please create a ticket on our Support portal


You may get lots of tickets from customers asking us to close their account (as they had the free tier and want to make sure they don't get charged, please follow the Handling FogBugz On-Demand Customer Cancellation Requests article to close their account.