Setting up a new mailbox in Fogbugz using OAuth Authorization






  1. Login to Fogbugz
  2. Hover over the Avatar menu
  3. Select Mailboxes option


  4. Click on Add new mail account button as seen in the below image


  5. Enter email address (The full email address of the mailbox, for example, This is used as the “from address” when FogBugz sends outgoing emails.)
  6. Enter "Full name" (The full name that will appear in the “from address” when replying to email from this mailbox, for example, Customer Service. )
  7. Select the Protocol type as "EWS"
  8. Select the Authentication method as "OAuth".


  9. Click on the Authorize Fogbugz button, It should open a new modal window prompting the user to enter Microsoft credentials.


  10. Enter Microsoft credentials and click on the Sign In button


  11. If it requests permissions, Click on the Accept button.


  12. Once OAuth authorization is successful, the modal window should get closed - it should display the “Authorized successfully” message.


  13. Enter mail server (Either you can enter the Microsoft account email address which was used to Authorize Fogbugz or you can enter this URL )
  14. Click on the Ok button to save the mailbox.

The mailbox should be created successfully as seen in the image below.